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Got An Old Broken Car That Nobody Wants To Buy? Here's How You Can Make Money From It

If you're tired of looking at your old broken vehicle and you haven't had luck selling it, you may be tempted to pay to have it towed away just to get it off your property. But, even if people don't want to buy the car as a whole, there are a few ways you can make some money while getting rid of the vehicle such as:

Part the Vehicle Out

One way to get rid of the vehicle while making a little money off of it is to part it out to people who are trying to fix their own cars and to mechanics who might fix cars up to resale for a living. You should find that everything in working condition from the tires and transmission to the tailpipe and steering wheel are of value to some of your community members.

Even things like the rear view and side mirrors, visors, and door handles might sell once they're advertised. If possible, take the parts out yourself so they're ready to go when someone shows interest in them. Alternatively, you can start a partnership with a local mechanic who can take a part off when someone buys it for a nominal fee that the buyer would pay.

Turn it Into a Treasure

If you don't want to take your vehicle apart or let it sit as an eyesore in your yard, consider turning it into a treasure that someone would be willing to buy from you. There are a variety of things you can do with an old vehicle as long as you have some tools, paint, and a little creativity available. Try one of these ideas:

You might end up liking your creation so much that you would rather use it yourself than sell it to someone else!

Sell it for Some Cash

An easy way to make money from your old broken vehicle is to simply sell it for some cash to a junkyard. Many companies are willing to pick old broken vehicles up for free and offer cash money in exchange for titles. You can expect to get your cash the same day your vehicle is towed away if you decide to junk your car. Why would companies pay money for old broken vehicles you might wonder? Because they can sell the metal to metal recycling companies or refurbish and sell various parts from the vehicles to auto shops. So, selling your vehicle for cash is a win-win situation for you and the company you sell it to.