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How To Pass Your Pre-Rip Truck Inspection Test

Truck drivers are one of those careers that are always in constant demand. Production rates are constantly going up for companies and distributors. This results in the need of drivers to transport these goods.

If you are going to become a truck driver, then you are going to need to get a commercial driving license. To become a truck driver, you are going to need to pass a series of tests. Read on for study tips for passing the pre trip truck inspection training programs.

What Is A Pre-Trip Inspection?

Truck drivers are expected to do a thorough safety inspection on their vehicles before heading out on the road. You have to go through a checklist of things to complete this inspection. There is a pre-trip inspection test that is part of the CDL test. It is one of the toughest tests to pass. You have to memorize the different parts of a commercial motor vehicle. To pass this test, you have to explain each step in the inspection process to the examiner. If you can master the Pre-trip inspection, then it is a skill that can help you throughout your career.

Watch The Video

Most schools for the CDL program will provide you with study material. You should have access to a video that show you the basics of a pre-trip inspection. The instructor on the video has a way of explaining the process and can show what instructors are looking for.

One of the best study tips is to study the vehicle in parts. You will start by inspecting your vehicle from the start and end up at the back. The major areas of a commercial vehicle include:

This list gives you idea of the different parts that you have to memorize for the test. You start at the bumper and name everything you see. While naming the parts, you want to check for anything bent, cracked, leaking, loose and make sure everything is properly secured. You also want to make sure fluid levels are not leaking and make sure they are full. Your instructor will tell you when to stop.

Get A CDL Manual

It is important to study your CDL manual. This guide has valuable information for passing the test. Your CDL handbook has diagrams of commercial vehicles and lists the parts. You can use the guide as a cheat sheet to help with memorizing the different components.

Give yourself enough time to study is the best study tip. There is no such thing as to over study. Passing this test is the next step to enjoying your dream career.