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Getting Car Insurance? Why You Need To Include Tow Coverage

If you own and operate a vehicle it is an absolute must for you to have car insurance. You just never know when an accident will occur and even if you walk away from it with no injuries, your pockets could take the hit if you don't have the proper coverage. When you call up an insurance agent to bind a policy, they will usually ask if you want to include tow coverage with your package. Although you might see it as an unnecessary expense, keep reading to see why you definitely should add that 24 hour emergency towing coverage to your policy.

Tow Protection Covers More Than You Think

When you think about what it means to have your car towed, you have to look at it from many different angles. Sure, you might need to have your car towed from the scene of an accident. However, there are a lot of other instances to think about as well.

For example, there could come a time when you're running late for work and you hop in the car expecting it to crank right up. The only problem is that the battery went completely dead overnight so you won't be able to drive it to the mechanic. At this point, you can call up your insurance company and they'll dispatch a tow truck to your house. The car is then taken to the auto repair facility without you having to worry about coming up with the money out of your own pocket. As you can see, this alone makes the coverage invaluable!

Tow Coverage Is Usually Very Affordable

It's actually quite reasonable to include tow coverage in your insurance policy. It won't add very much to the overall total of your premium but the money that it can save you makes it worth every penny. 

Also, you have to keep in mind that if at any point your budget gets stretched tight and you have to start reducing your expenses, it's usually quick and easy to remove the towing coverage from your policy. Think of it like this:  It's better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and find yourself in a pinch.

It's a good idea to add tow coverage at the initial start of your policy. If you do this, you can avoid any waiting period that your insurer may apply if you were to opt for the coverage at a later time.